Do you feel like the world is missing your on-screen talent? Well, here is your chance to showcase your acting skills. The Tampa Bay area is being flooded with Hallmark film production crews and locals are being cast for some roles.

Tampa Bay has been a popular location for Hallmark films and there are possibly eight more on the horizon. Recently a Hallmark movie wrapped up production that was primarily filmed in St. Petersburg and the producer of the film, Elayne Schmidt, said that she will also produce a second film towards the end of the month.

Because the last production went so well, the Hallmark channel is considering coming back to the area. Hallmark is considering filming another six to eight films in Tampa Bay over the next year. Film commissioners for St.Petersburg-Clearwater and Hillsborough, Tony Armer and Tyler Martinolich, are in negotiations for the slate of movies.

The Hallmark films were originally supposed to be filmed in Hawaii, but the Hallmark Channel changed their mind after their experience in the Tampa Bay area with their film, Garden Party. Because of Tampa Bay's beautiful and friendly location, the Hallmark Channel is coming back.

And locals also have a chance to work for the film. Schmidt said that Garden Party hired 350 locals, for extras, actors with speaking roles, and the film crew.

Hallmark had such a great experience making a film here last month that they could come back for up to eight more.

March 8, 2019

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Locals have the opportunity to include themselves in the production of the Hallmark films if the Tampa Bay area does land the six to eight movies planned. The Hallmark Channel and producers are open to locals working for the film and anyone can find themselves in the next Hallmark movie.

Actors Jordon Bridges and Sara Rue film a Hallmark Original Movie of the Week, Garden Party, Monday 2/18/19 on 5th St S. @StPeteFL. Scheduled to air April 2019. Rue's character has created a community garden which is threatened by development. Can she save it? @hallmarkchannel

February 18, 2019

Once the films are announced, Hallmark will have an open casting call for any local extras and actors with speaking roles. Once the slots are filled for the open casting, Hallmark will provide a page where locals can register to be notified of stand-in opportunities for the film and other future projects.

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Visit the Hallmark Channel's Twitter page here to follow for any more announcements.