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Central Florida Just Got An Extreme New Treetop Obstacle Course With Wild Ziplines

When it comes to exploring nature, there's no denying that the Sunshine State is prime adventuring territory. Hiking through the Floridian jungles is always an option, but we want a bird's eye view — a new treetop obstacle course at Flagstaff Extreme near Tampa hooks us up with some.

Flagstaff Extreme was once an Arizona exclusive but has made its way into Florida, celebrating its grand opening in the Tampa area back in July. You'll find this new gem tucked away among the trees on a quiet street southeast of Brooksville — just look for the rope wall stretched above the entrance. 

Their obstacle courses come in a variety of difficulty levels for both new and experienced climbers, labeling difficulty and elevation by color. Green is the easiest and lowest, followed by Blue, Red, and then the hardest and tallest of them all, Black — apparently this course is even HARDER than the location in Arizona. We're up for a challenge.

Across all courses, you'll scale new heights on over 75 different obstacles & ziplines. Climb the little rock wall, scoot through wooden tunnels, trek swinging rope bridges, shimmy across nets, zip through the trees like a monkey on the ziplines and more. You may even be surprised with some wildlife walking below you as you cross over a tropical sea of green plant life.

The Adventure Course for $52.95 includes all of the courses, taking approximately four hours to complete. If you're not quite ready to try the harder courses, Flagstaff Extreme also offers their Blue and Green courses in a package for $36.95 that takes about two hours to complete. Grab your besties and make this a fun and spontaneous Florida day trip.

You can also add on their giant zipline for only $5 and race your friends to the bottom of the 600-foot long line, zipping through the air like Tarzan and Jane. 

All packages start with a brief 30-minute training session to get you familiar with trekking all the different elements you'll encounter in the courses, starting you on the easiest course right after.

If you don't take a pic in the giant chair, did you really even go though? Don't forget your camera for some of the most unique treetop shots of our beautiful Florida landscape. We're ready to monkey around in the trees at Flagstaff Extreme Tampa.

An overview of Flagstaff Extreme can be seen below. If you're looking for more fun ziplines, this Florida Adventure Park has the U.S.'s only zipline rollercoaster, or maybe you want to bounce around and zipline over it all at the new giant inflatable theme park in Sarasota.

Flagstaff Extreme

Price: $52.95 for four hours and access to 75 different obstacles and ziplines, including the harder courses. The easiest courses have 35 different obstacles and ziplines for $36.95 and last about 2 hours.

Address: 6440 Cedar Ln., Brooksville, FL 34601

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday-SundayClosed Monday-Wednesday.

Why You Need To Go: Walk among the treetops and get a bird's eye view of Florida's stunning landscape. Visitors have been known to spot wildlife below them as they climb among the trees like a monkey.

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