If you've watched James Charles or Tati Westbrook in the past, then you'd know that off camera they had a pretty serious friendship. Tati was like a mother to James, and he would go to her for business advice before his own parents. Well, that friendship ended on Friday when Tati made a video exposing James with the title "BYE SISTER ...". James made an apology video, but it wasn't enough. Before the Tati Westbrook and James Charles video drama, you could see them in various videos on YouTube together, and their demeanor towards each other is the reason this is so shocking. 

Ever since Tati posted that famous video on Friday, James has been losing millions of followers and subscribers, and some of them are big-name celebrities. James may be losing fans, but he lost a relationship he'll most likely never get back. James and Tati's friendship started a while back, and he was first introduced on her channel during her wedding video. The video was posted on January 20th, 2017, and back then James Charles wasn't who he is now. 

In Tati's video exposing James, she revealed she paid for his flight and hotel in exchange for him doing her makeup on her wedding day. Their friendship blossomed after that. However, the first time James was on her channel in a sit-down video was in December of 2017, and it was titled 🔥MOST PAINFUL LIP PLUMPER EVER ft. JAMES CHARLES!!! 🔥. In the video, the first half was just with Tati, and James "stopped by" and helped her film the rest of the video. 

In the video, the two are laughing, seem super comfortable with each other, and seem to have a friendship all of us would envy. The video is about the most painful lip plumper, and it's actually hilarious to watch. However, we now know this isn't the most painful thing their friendship has endured. 

If you watch their first video together, you can tell how much they care for each other. The way they joke around and act super comfortable together is one of the main reasons why this whole feud is shocking and will be one of the worst scandals in YouTube history, especially for James. 

Considering this video was from almost two years ago when they started becoming friends, it seems like their friendship grew very fast. It also came to an end very abruptly. James had Tati and Jeffree Star on his channel back in January, which is the last documented piece of their friendship we'll ever get. If you want to see the first ever James Charles and Tati Westbrook collab, you can find the video down below.