If there are two things that American's can bond over it's tattoos and Harry Potter. You're bound to find someone in a group that likes one of these things, or even both of them. These absolute geniuses in Chattanooga have combined the two to bring an amazing event to life. This tattoo convention in Tennessee is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Literary Ink is a convention that is going on in their third year. Taking place in Chattanooga, Tennessee from March 27 to 29, you'll be able to live out your wizard dreams. 

Main Line Ink, the company that puts this convention on, flies in tattoo artists from all around the world to create incredible, magical body art. 

You might recognize the poster art representing this event because it's very similar to the moving Prisoner of Azkaban poster in the third Harry Potter. 

Aside from getting some new ink, you'll be able to participate in a few cosplay contests, try magical and unique food and interact with other attendees to compare ink. 

There's a full lineup of talented artists coming from all over the place. You need to reserve a spot and book with your favorite artist so you will have a for sure spot when you get there. 

Three-year veteran to the convention and artist at North Main Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery, Tiffany Pitsos, told Narcity that artists had to submit their portfolios, and depending on their skill and history of "magically influenced" tattoos, they were picked to participate in the convention. 

Tiffany said that she gained interest in this convention because there aren't many "themed" conventions and it's fun, lighthearted and whimsical. 

The artists bring pre-drawn options and Tiffany says she's bringing a "heavy mix between vintage Halloween, Harry Potter fan favorites, and some pop-culture most haves."

Make sure you make an appointment with one of the artists before you go so you will have a spot. 

Literary Ink Convention

Price: $25+

When: March 27-29

Address: 1150 Carter St., Chattanooga, TN

Why You Need To Go: You'll be immersed in a world of magic, Harry Potter and tattoos.