These Two Canadian Celebrities Stole The Show In Taylor Swift’s New Music Video

Did you spot them?
These Two Canadian Celebrities Stole The Show In Taylor Swift’s New Music Video

Taylor Swift released a new music video today and literally everyone is in it. Her song You Need To Calm Down, combats homophobia and discrimination and she now has a political video to match. While American celebs like Ellen DeGeneres, Ru Paul, and Katy Perry made appearances, the pop star also repped another country with her cast. Taylor Swift included Canadians in her music video as well. 

She first teased her iconic cast on Instagram last night when she posted a teaser trailer of the video with the caption, "Asked a few friends to be in the You Need To Calm Down video 😄 Out tomorrow at 8:15am ET."

There were two Canadians included in the video that totally stole the show. The first was Antoni Porowski, who stars in the Netflix show Queer Eye. He joined multiple other cast members from the show. In the video, Antoni sits at a table sipping tea (honestly iconic) with Taylor Swift and the rest of the Queer Eye cast. 

[rebelmouse-image 25937846 photo_credit="Taylor Swift-Youtube" expand=1 original_size="1916x950"]

[rebelmouse-image 25937847 photo_credit="Taylor Swift- Youtube" expand=1 original_size="2860x1516"]

The other Canadian A-lister that makes a cameo in the music video is the one and only Ryan Reynolds. Unlike everyone else in the video, he remains calm, with a paintbrush in his mouth, and a canvas in front of him. This may be even more random than Katy Perry's hamburger costume. 

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[rebelmouse-image 25937849 photo_credit="Taylor Swift-Yotube " expand=1 original_size="2866x1516"]

After the video was released, Taylor took back to Instagram to say thank you to all her co-stars:

"OKAY SO the YNTCD video is officially out!! First things first, I want to say that my co-stars in this video are AMAZING. Please celebrate this video by supporting their work, following them, and going to see them perform. I’m SO grateful to everyone who lent their time to this video and SO EXCITED I ACTUALLY DO NEED TO CALM DOWN." 

If you haven't checked out the video yet you can watch it below.