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Taylor Swift's New Album Features An Amazing Collab With Canadian High School Students

The Toronto artist can be heard on "It's Nice To Have A Friend".
Taylor Swift's New Album Features An Amazing Collab With Canadian High School Students

If you're a big music connoisseur, you'll probably agree with me when I say that there's nothing better than hearing a collaboration between two of your favourite artists. These collabs get even better when the singers have two totally different styles, or when you never would've seen them coming. Taylor Swift's Lover album features Toronto's Regent Park School of Music.

Just last week, country singer turned pop-star Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated album Lover. After going through a lot over the past few months, particularly her very public feud with Scooter Braun over the rights to her music, fans have been super excited to see Swift make a comeback.

Although it's only been out for a few days, Lover has received awesome reviews from Swift's fans and music critics alike. As it turns out, Swift even sampled a Canadian artist on one of her tracks!

Because she's been pretty public about her friendship with Shawn Mendes, it's easy to assume that the Canadian pop singer would be the perfect person for Swift to collab with, but unfortunately, Mendes isn't who we're referring to. 

The Canadian artist who's found their moment in the spotlight is actually Toronto's Regent Park School of Music. Swift included a sample from their song Summer In the South on her singer It's Nice To Have A Friend.

Not only does Swift's sample increase exposure for the school, but it also goes hand in hand with gaining more access to funding. The school released a statement expressing just how grateful they are for the opportunity.

"Collaborating with one of today’s finest producers has allowed our students to soar to new levels and now one of those samples is on Track 17 ‘It’s Nice to Have a Friend’ on Taylor Swift’s new album Lover. Words can’t describe how thrilled we are. It’s absolutely invigorating. It’s also raising awareness and funds for the Regent Park School of Music, which provides musical education to children in Toronto’s high-priority neighbourhoods. The royalties received from the use of our sample in the Taylor Swift song will help fund musical education, and for that, we are truly grateful.”

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