Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham is known for being difficult to work with, her tumultuous past and of course, being a teen mom. After spending years of her life on tv, we know that Abraham is not always the nicest character on the hit tv show.

Abraham has garnered a reputation as the show's "bad girl" and has been routinely outcasted by the other moms on the show. She gained this reputation after years of acting out on the TV show, and more recently after releasing a sex tape. After the video was released, she began working in the sex industry.

Here's a clip of her arguing with producers during the show.

At the beginning of this season, MTV teased a conversation between producers and Abraham where they told her that she would not be allowed on the show if she continued to work in the sex industry. The infamous clip is from next week's episode and we're all anticipating the controversial conversation.

Below is the season teaser, Abraham's clip is at the tail end of the video, beginning at 0:55 seconds.

Now that the episode will be airing, Abraham has taken the situation into her own hands and is officially suing MTV and Viacom. She is alleging that she was "sex-shamed" over her decision to continue working in pornography.

Abraham claims that she was removed from filming Teen Mom OG after October because she proceeded to work in the adult entertainment industry. Abraham has filed complaints of harassment, wrongful termination based upon gender discrimination and retaliation based upon gender discrimination.

Abraham has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Viacom, Eleventh Street Productions, Anxious Eleven and Teen Mom producer Morgan J. Freeman. Abraham claims that Freeman and the production crew "harassed, humiliated and sex-shamed" her during a meeting on October 30th after she told them that she would be pursuing the adult entertainment industry. She believes that her firing was a direct result of that meeting.

Yesterday, Abraham posted to Instagram to discuss the controversy at hand. She explains that she believes she is standing up for "what is right", and that she wants to be "treated better".

Viacom has responded to Farrah's statements by saying, "We respect Farrah’s decision to pursue other endeavours and we wish her the best. Regarding her suit, the claims are without merit.”

Source: Global News