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A Manitoba Mayor Is Warning Residents To 'Lock Their Doors' As Man Hunt For B.C Teens Continues

Two teens who were originally part of a missing persons case are now two of the most wanted men in Canada after connections were made between the teens and three murders. Currently, RCMP are searching the area of northern Manitoba where they believe the two suspects may currently be located. During this time, mayors throughout the province are warning their residents to keep their doors locked and stay safe as the manhunt continues. 

19-year-old Kam McLeod and 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky are wanted as suspects in the murder of three individuals, including the recent deaths of couple 23-year-old Lucas Fowler and his girlfriend 24-year-old Chynna Deese. 

The two suspects have also been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Leonard Dyck, whose body was discovered in BC last Friday. 

While RCMP are still unaware of the whereabouts of these two teens, police have currently been focusing their manhunt in northern Manitoba after a burned-out vehicle which police suspect was used by the suspects was found in the province on Wednesday. 

With the massive RCMP presence that is currently in Manitoba, multiple northern cities have become concerned for their safety. 

Gillam Mayor Dwayne Forman is giving some tips to residents to stay safe as this man hun continues throughout the area. Forman told CTV News that he is advising his residents to ensure that all of their doors are locked and no keys are left in their vehicle. 

Forman is also advising residents to never travel alone during this time and to keep an eye out for the two teen suspects. 

Another Manitoba Mayor from Churchill has also issued a warning as the search continues for these wanted teens. 

Mayor Mike Spence states that "we should all remain vigilant and report any and all suspicious activity directly to the RCMP."

However, this is only the beginning. Some Manitobans are so worried about the potential suspects lurking nearby that they are sleeping with guns close to their beds.  

According to the Toronto Star, a local fuel service manager, Mario Catalona states, "Everybody in the community is, I guess I wouldn't say paranoid... nervous, scared. I've heard people are sleeping with their guns close."

However, it is still unclear where the two suspects currently are in Canada. While Police believe that the two teens may be in Manitoba, OPP has also released a statement that the suspects could be heading to Ontario. 

If anyone spots these suspects they are asked not to approach, as the two teens are considered dangerous. Instead, you should immediately call 911.