There’s no question that technology is making our lives increasingly more efficient and convenient, giving us access to information in the blink of an eye. Not only are we able to know more, but we can also connect to each other faster and better, even if we are cities apart. This is extremely useful when it comes to delivering a variety of services.

Now more than ever, the need for better healthcare is vital, as the existing system is, unfortunately, struggling to keep up with demand due to realities like growing populations, resource scarcity, and failure to retain medical professionals in the country. After all, we've seen firsthand how much of an issue this can cause.

That’s why telemedicine will definitely play a vital role going forward. Imagine being able to avoid trips to the hospital or clinic, cutting out waiting rooms, and getting professional healthcare advice from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Not to mention, reducing strain on the healthcare system overall.

Well, that’s exactly what Canadian company, TeleSense Canada, is making possible. While a variety of online platforms and apps offering healthcare information may already exist, TeleSense goes beyond offering a simple video call as it actually provides state-of-the-art instrumentation to deliver diagnostics such as blood pressure, thermometer, glucometer, ultrasound, ECG and spirometry.

Your physician gets all the necessary real-time data to provide an effective medical assessment and can even issue prescriptions without you ever stepping foot outside. Extremely practical if you have reduced mobility due to illness or old age, for example.

Fully capable of conducting remote telecare with a physician anywhere an internet connection is available and with a variety of Health Canada-certified devices, TeleSense Canada delivers a true digital health hub and the most complete telehealth platform in healthcare today.

The platform is already available residentially and for corporate use in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, and TeleSense is currently running a telecare campaign in Lakeridge Health Network, Scarborough Health Network, Health Sciences North Sudbury, Newmarket Southlake Regional Health, and Canadian Forces CFB Kingston.

With our lives becoming more hectic every day, it seems like everything is on-demand now, so it really only makes sense that our healthcare should be as well. What’s important is that it’s accurate, reliable, complete, and — above all —delivered by actual healthcare professionals based on your needs.

TeleSense Canada is bridging that gap, making healthcare more accessible and efficient for everyone involved, which is definitely a good thing, especially during an epidemic. 

To learn more about how this revolutionary platform can benefit your residential, corporate, or professional needs, visit the TeleSense Canada website.