If you're the type of person who loves to sit down and get invested in a documentary, then we have a new one for you to add to your list. This week saw quite a few new Netflix releases including TV shows, movies, and documentaries. That includes the Tell Me Who I Am on Netflix Canada which is a heartbreaking account of childhood trauma. 

The Netflix Original documentary has only been released for about a day, and already so many people have taken to Twitter to share their experience watching it. One user said it's "the most devastating thing I’ve seen this year", and another said that they have "never had my heart completely broken and healed again in the space of 90 mins". And it's already impressed Rotten Tomatoeswho gave the documentary a 95% rating. 

The film is based on a 2013 book of the same name written by Alex Lewis, Marcus Lewis, and Joanna Hodgkin. It's about the true story of Alex and Marcus Lewis, a pair of twins from England. They are both in their fifties now but recollect in the book and movie about the tragedy when they were 18-years-old which left Alex with memory loss after a motorcycle accident. 

Without giving away any more spoilers than the trailer does, the responsibility falls on Marcus to teach his twin brother about his life, family, and everything that happened to him before the accident. 

However, the heartbreaking aspect of the movie is the fact that it focuses on the childhood abuse that Marcus and Alex both experienced from their mom while growing up. Marcus was faced with the decision of whether to share all of the traumatizing details with his brother or create a perfect fantasy version of their childhood. In the official trailer, Marcus says he "has been lying for 20 years" which broke Alex's heart when he found out the truth. 

Film director Morgan J. Freeman said the documentary "blew my mind" and actually went so far as to compare Tell Me Who I Am to Leaving Neverland which was also released earlier this year. 

And another Twitter user said that the documentary is "deeply disturbing and hard to stomach".

Check out the trailer below to see the heartbreaking details that are unfolded in the documentary. 

This Netflix Documentary is definitely a must-see, but be warned that there are sensitive details shared as well. 

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