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Tennessee Aquarium Live Cam Brings The Underwater Adventures Directly To You

With so much up in the air right now, we could all use some relaxing vibes and soothing sounds. What's more tranquil than water and fish swimming freely? If you tune into the Tennessee Aquarium live cam, you'll get those relaxing blue water views filled with aquatic life. 

With everyone being inside and looking for ways to not go stir-crazy, there are plenty of exciting digital features from our favorite places. Animal lovers are getting a chance to rediscover them now more than ever.

Tennessee Aquarium is bringing new life to their live cams by streaming the most popular exhibits and habitats.

Right now, you can watch the Penguin Rock Cam, River Otter Falls Cam and the star of the show, The Secret Reef Cam. 

The Secret Reef Cam takes viewers into a saltwater exhibit filled with thousands of colorful reef fish of all shapes and sizes, sharks and a rescued green sea turtle. 

As mentioned on their website, this particular exhibit was designed to model the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary off the Gulf of Mexico. This allows the animals here to feel at home along with the rest of us. 

With more people staying home in order to practice social distancing due to COVID-19, now more than ever is the best time to watch this endless loop under the sea. 

Tennessee Aquarium and its connecting IMAX theatre will remain closed through March 27. At this time there is no update on what's to follow this date. 

Currently, there are 615 confirmed cases in Tennessee, following 983 tests conducted in the Tennessee State Public Health Laboratory and other private laboratories.

To reduce the chance of spreading the virus to others, the CDC and World Health Organization are advising everyone to remain home during this pandemic.

If you're going to be indoors for the next few weeks, this live stream is one of the best ways to pass the time effortlessly. 

Tennessee Aquarium Live Stream

Why You Need To Stream: You can relax in your home while watching sharks and fish swim — super tranquil experience. 

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