This Scenic Tennessee Hike With Amazing Views Leads To A 100-Foot Long Suspension Bridge

The hike is worth the views.
Tennessee Hike With A View Leads To A Daring 100-Foot Long Suspension Bridge

The fall season in Tennessee is a must-see for everyone in the South. The leaves start changing around this time and the weather is starting to get a little chillier. There are many outdoor spots to adventure and it's the perfect time to take a few hikes. This Tennessee hike with a view can be a bit strenuous, but it's so worth the trek. 

Edwards Point is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee is one of the best spots to hike to in the entire state. You will hike to different overlooks, and eventually, come to the highest overlook over the Tennessee River Gorge, the Middle Creek Gorge and the Chattanooga Valley.

You will hit many overlooks and even cross a few small suspension bridges along the way. It is about a 5.8-mile hike round trip; once you make it to the top, the views will be too pretty for you to leave. 

To save some energy and time, the best place to start your trip is at the Signal Point trailhead. The trail can be difficult at some points because you will be climbing in elevation and  over a few rocks and uplifted roots. 

All throughout your hike, there will be multiple points where an overlook opens up within the forest. You will be able to see the river flowing beneath you and might even be able to see Julia Falls at some point as well. 

As you start to decend (before you make the long trek up), you will see a 100-foot suspension bridge just waiting for you. The only way to stay on the trail is to go across this bridge so you might need to find some courage if it was missing before this point. 

Once you decided to take the bridge across, you will hike up to Edwards Point. Once you make it to the top, you will be stunned by the beauty. The scene looks like it's something out of a movie. This is a great spot to sit and just take in the views for a while. 

If you are looking for another hike that is not so strenuous, but still has amazing things to offer, you need to check out this State Park that has twin waterfalls. Another exciting adventure is right down the road at Raccoon Mountain where you can crawl through the underground cave.

Edwards Point 

Price: Free

Address: Edwards Point, Tennessee 37377

Why You Need To Go: On this trail you will get some of the best views in Tennessee at a variety of points, and even walk across a 100-foot suspension bridge. 

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