When you travel across the country, flying is usually the fastest and most convenient way to make it to your destination. You probably have never considered taking a train, and you'll get a totally different experience. This Tennessee train ride might be adding a few routes to Chicago and Atlanta to make your life so much easier. 

Amtrak is a very popular train service in the nation and often gets forgotten about as a means of transportation. There are over 30 routes throughout the United States and that number might be growing.

Currently, Memphis, Tennessee is a stop on the way to Chicago from New Orleans. By the time you're on your way to the windy city, it'll already be 10:40 p.m., so a day time route from Memphis to Chicago would be more efficient for many. 

According to Commercial Appeal, company representatives traveled to Nashville the other day to talk about this idea with legislators. 

Not only did they pitch the earlier Memphis to Chicago route, but they also pitched a route from Nashville to Atlanta as well.  

With the amount of growth the South has seen in recent years, you would think these routes would already be in the works, but federal funding is the key. 

There is no for sure clear light on this yet, there are still many steps to go through because a new station would have to be built, some road lines would have to be upgraded and other logistical aspects. 

We are all crossing our fingers that this idea gets approved and goes through. This would mean more travel opportunities for those in the South.