Earlier in the year Tesla announced it was going to be introducing a new cheap car, called the Model 3, to Canada. People were generally excited about it, especially when it was announced that the government of Ontario would be giving people money to help them buy one of them. 

But production delays, which led to CEO Elon Musk having to sleep at the office, slowed down the timetable for when it would come to Canada and now there’s new news saying the car isn’t even that good. 

So, what are some of the apparent problems with the car? 

According to Munro & Associates, a firm that strips cars down and analyses them for performance, the Model 3 weighs more than any other car its size.  

Via Tesla

In the long range version of the car the battery alone weighs 3,800 pounds. The firm also says that there’s a bunch of pieces welded together on the car that do nothing to help it at all. 

They also say that the cost is too high for what you get why you buy they car. They say there are plenty of other electric cars that are much cheaper and probably make more sense for the average person to buy.  

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Firm founder, Sandy Munro, says, “If it would have come out even decent, they’d have mopped the floor with everybody. But they didn’t.” 

It’s not all bad news though. Despite how much it weighs, the battery in the car is apparently very very good.  

Via Tesla

The battery is reportedly 50% more powerful than that of Tesla’s Model S car, which costs much more than the Model 3. 

So if you’re looking at buying one of these when it becomes available maybe you should keep this stuff in mind. 

Source: Financial Post