Tessa And Scott Just Answered Our Most Burning Questions About Their Relationship And Olympic Future

Canada's Olympic gold medalist ice dancers (and our Canadian power non-couple) Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir sat down with Toronto's Breakfast Television today and it just reminded us why we love them so much. They spent the morning talking about their experiences in PyeongChang and it being their last Olympic game, but there were some seriously important moments from the interview that were really telling. 

It started off with the burning question on if the pair would head into another Olympics again. While in the past the couple said they wouldn't, this time around they gave a coy... we'll have to see answer.  

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Tessa commented saying, "That seems daunting right now to think about another quadrennial." 

However Scott then jumped in saying, "We're not quite sure yet, we need to let the dust settle, I need to get my voice back, there's lots that has to happen before we can make a decision."

The morning show then had the couple answer questions from one young skating duo, they asked Tessa and Scott what their favourite moments were with one another. Scott took lead on the question saying: 

"How do you narrow it down? I think we've talked a lot about our partnership but I think the coolest thing is after 21 years, or 20 years, 20 and a half, we still love going to the rink and working together and doing projects together even outside the rink and that's pretty neat. I don't think you understand how intense our relationship is... because we spend so much time together. I mean we still like hanging out with each other, that's an accomplishment I think, especially with how obnoxious I can be.  

I mean that's not a direct answer on their personal relationship but COME ON, we can't deny that the couple is at least thinking about reuniting at again to take the Olympic ice in Beijing 2022.