You Can Actually Hang Out With Dinosaurs At This Wild Texas Park

It will be a roaring good time!
You Can Actually Hang Out With Dinosaurs At This Wild Texas Park

If we have learned anything from science class, it's that Texas was underwater at one point in history and over time as the land rose, Texas became a hub for dinosaurs to visit and live. Millions of years later, Dinosaur Valley in North Texas not only has massive well-preserved dinosaur footprints but it also has giant commemorative dino statues. 

When the weather is right, you can hike to the park's river where you will find the footprints of the dinos who came before us. You won't have to look very hard as they are on the edge of the clear river banks. We suggest calling the park ahead of time if you're really excited about seeing them because depending on the water levels of the day they might be hidden under the water.

The park also has giant statues of dinos that are always ready to give new life to your Instagram feed. If you're not ready to leave all the "Land Before Time" fun when the part closes, they offer overnight camping starting at just $15 a night. Dinosaur Valley offers downloadable maps that pinpoint all the locations where you can see dino footprints and statues.

Another type of creature you might encounter are horses, as the public is allowed to bring them in to ride around the park. The entry fee for the park is $7 daily and it's open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Dinosaur Valley is located at 1629 Park Rd 59 in Glen Rose, Texas. For more information on the park, you can visit their website here. Stop on by for the coolest time ever! You dino want to miss it.

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