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Texas' Governor Just Went Live To Announce His Plan To Re-Open Texas (VIDEO)

Greg Abbott wants to meet Texas' needs.
Texas Governor's Reopening Texas Plan Was Just Revealed (VIDEO)

The plan of how to reopen Texas was announced by Governor Greg Abbott in a live stream today. At noon on April 17, 2020, Abbott listed his plan to get the state back up and running in various stages to make sure that "we don’t open only to have to shut down again.” In his speech, he revealed a list of changes occurring in our communities, most of which will affect the everyday Texan.

He started out his announcement by addressing the lifted restrictions on the medical staff.

"Effective April 22, current restrictions on surgery will be loosened," said Abbott. "This will allow doctors to diagnose and treat more medical conditions without needing to get an exception."

Not only will Texans soon have the ability to get certain medical procedures done, but they'll also be able to have access to shops more easily through "retail-to-go."

Retail-to-go will enable businesses to provide services to customers through drive-thru pick-ups or deliveries. This rule will go into place on Friday, April 24.

State parks will be reopened this coming Monday, April 20. Visitors must keep a distance of at least six feet from those not sharing the same home, wear face masks, and be in groups no bigger than five people.

Abbott also announced that school classrooms will continue to be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. 

On Monday, April 27, additional ways to open Texas in a safe way will be announced.

He wrapped up his initial speech by saying that "Texans are battling a colossal challenge” and that "part of the Texas brand is our ability to overcome challenges."

At 12:30 p.m. Abbott began taking questions from reporters who were mostly concerned with whether or not the attempts to reopen Texas are feasible right now. 

He addressed one reporter by assuring that they are seeing a steep decline in COVID-19 cases and gave further explanation as to what retail-to-go will allow.

“Retail-to-go will not allow people to go into a retail store, it will simply allow them to pick up items in a drive-thru situation or delivered to their home,” said Abbott.

By April 27, Texans will receive more information as to what the continued plan to reopen Texas will be.

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