Phase 1 of the reopening plan for Texas went into effect on May 1, 2020, with restaurants, stores, and many more companies reopening for business. As Governor Greg Abbott announced in his Phase 1 press conference, Phase 2 would potentially be coming on May 18. Just over the past weekend, Texas saw a jump in COVID-19 cases, hitting all-time record highs as the state makes changes in testing and reopening.

However, the number of new cases may not directly correspond with the state's reopening plan, but instead with a variety of factors. The increase in state testing, business reopenings, and the coronavirus' incubation period may have had an impact on the number of new cases across Texas.

May 16, 2020, saw the highest number of new COVID-19 positive cases, with 1,801 in a single day. This broke the record of any previous day the state has seen so far. 

Right before then, May 14 and May 15 were the deadliest days in Texas yet, with 58 deaths on the first day and 56 deaths on the following day.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is providing an updated map of all local COVID-19 statistics to the public with information on new cases, deaths, demographics, locations, and more.

The trends in Texas' death and confirmed case counts have been similar to a rollercoaster, with various intense spikes and falls in numbers. 

The photo above represents the numbers from 2 days ago, as provided by the TDSHS' Instagram.

Texas' overall confirmed count of those affected with the coronavirus is now at 47,784. Of those infected, 27,570 have recovered and 1,336 have resulted in death.

Harry County leads in the number of confirmed cases, with 8,176 as of May 18.

Governor Greg Abbott will be going live today at 2 p.m. to discuss Phase 2 and further reopening plans for the state of Texas.

He is predicted to address the reopening of more local businesses such as tattoo parlors and even bars.

Abbott will also be possibly increasing the capacity of opened business to 50% rather than the initial 25%.

These new positive numbers come just after Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins took to Twitter to share his thoughts that his county could "see summer surge in COVID-19 cases."

He spread the word to his local followers that the future of the coronavirus "is up to you."