Since malls and retail stores closed down back in March, many loyal shoppers of discount department stores have been waiting eagerly for their favorite destination to reopen. Just this week on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, Ross Dress For Less reopened locations in Texas and locals were more than ready to get their hands on the store's latest fashion and home decor. However, at one store, this passion was translated into a brawl that was caught on camera and was reported to local police.

At 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the McAllen Police Department received a disturbance call about a fight that broke out at the local Ross Dress For Less. Newsweek reported that no injuries or arrests were made at the time.

A passerby in their car who stopped when they saw the disturbance captured footage of the fight and uploaded it to Twitter, where the videos have gone viral.

The original video, by Twitter user bluhoyts, has received nearly 75k views in less than a day. The video shows a large crowd gathering around four people who are engaging in a physical fight.

Once the original four brawlers hit the ground, others rush in to break up the fight and pull the angry customers apart.

The video by blu hoyts is simply captioned "Can someone please explain to me whatTF is going on at Ross Store 282 in McAllen TX??"

Their video captures a good 29 seconds of the fight outside the department store. 

The same Twitter user added a second action-packed video to the Twitter thread shortly after.

The follow-up video that adds a "second POV" of the fight currently has almost 6k views.

Ross Dress For Less has been reopening across multiple states, including Texas, after implementing a variety of safety tactics and social distancing procedures.

Their website lists all of the new actions they are taking to ensure customer safety.

The number of guests allowed to shop at a time is set at a limit, and the store added cleaning supplies for cart and hand sanitization along with changing its opening hours to make sure proper cleaning methods are performed.

They also will have one-way shopping aisles, contact-less payment, plexiglass shields to protect cashiers, closed-off fitting rooms and bathrooms, and are recommending the use of masks.