If you like vintage and unique adventures, get ready for an amazing experience like no other. Texas State Railroad offers visitors a chance to take four-hour rides on a vintage train through the scenic Piney Woods. The gorgeous train rides are open year round and during the fall and winter holidays, you can even ride the Polar Express!

The train cars have been refurbished to maintain the feel of luxury and excellence of the 1920s. During the ride, you'll be able to eat, drink, and enjoy the views of the 25-mile railroad. The ride is narrated so that visitors can learn the history of the woods and the train while they watch the world pass by.

During the ride, visitors will also hear vintage tones to really bring you back to a different time. You also have a choice as to where you want to sit and how luxurious you want your ride to be. Visitors can choose to sit in the open air railcar which means no windows and the summer wind blowing through your hair. There are also sky domes available which give you a chance to have an amazing view of the forest while sipping on champagne.

If you really want to ride in style, you can splurge on Presidental seating or caboose seating which includes champagne and appetizers and a full bar so you can enjoy your favorite drinks while admiring nature.

Tickets for the train rides start at just $45 and can work their way up all the way to $700. You can also choose to ride with the train engineers to make the experience even more unforgettable.

Seats do fill up quickly so we recommend buying your tickets in advance. These amazing train rides are located at 789 Park Road 70 in Palestine, Texas. To get your tickets and learn more, you can visit their website here.