Most are familiar with the famous Austin-based liquor store, Twin Liquors. From today until the end of the weekend they're giving us yet another reason to love them by having another incredible three-day Dollar Sale at all of their 80+ Texas locations! Hundreds of the liquor chain's best wines, spirits, and bottles will be marked down to the lowest prices we've ever seen, plus one dollar. The sale will be from Thursday, Aug. 29 until Sunday, Aug. 31.

At all locations, it's highly recommended that you arrive early on each day of the sale for the best deals and rarest bottles. The sale started just this morning but there's no doubt plenty of rare and delicious bottles are just waiting for you to grab 'em. Labor Day Weekend means throwing the wildest parties, so saving money on the good stuff is definitely going to come in handy!

Only wines and spirits sized 750 ml or larger will be included in the blowout sale, but lucky for us that only excludes most beers and a very few select liquors. If you're in the market for either of those, there's still some included in the sale. You'll leave with exactly what you need no matter what.

Whether you're just planning on hanging out with your girlfriends or getting ever-so-slightly trashed, there is going to be a great deal for everyone and any occasion. Even prices for an average bottle of wine will be marked down $5-20 depending on the bottle. Prices for certain things could be nearly half of what we normally pay.

The popular liquor chain offers online ordering, but for this very special sale, you'll only be able to take advantage of it in-store. No matter what city you're in Texas, there's never one too far away. Plug Twin Liquors into your GPS now to find out just how close it is. You know you want to. 

Twin Liquors Dollar Sale

Original Price: Varies

Sale Price: Lowest ever sale price + $1

Why You Need It: Super discounted bottles of your favorite liquors? You absolutely can't miss out on this!