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A Massive Texas Hot Air Balloon Race Is Coming This Summer & It's Free

The actual coolest race you can watch.

Hot air balloons might not be one of the most efficient modes of transportation but they're definitely one of the coolest! So getting to watch a race full of the massive and colorful balloons is definitely a must-see. Luckily for Texans, we don't have to leave the state to see hot air balloons because there's an annual, much-loved Texas hot air balloon race that's coming back in July. 

The Great Texas Balloon Race is coming back from June 19 to June 21 and is the perfect way to spend a summer weekend. The race is in Longview which is a couple of hours drive from Dallas and around three hours away from Houston. 

It might have something to do with Texas's wide-open skies, but Texans really love hot air balloons and there are multiple annual balloon events happening soon near the big cities, some with balloons that you can even ride in!

The Race makes the perfect weekend road trip destination, not only because it's so unique to watch dozens of massive hot air balloons fly high in the sky, but also because it's cheap.

Tickets for Sunday, June 21, are free and tickets for Friday and Saturday are only $15 each!

The Balloon Race is full of accomplished pilots who are considered some of the best in the world and the race is highly competitive and fun to watch.

When it gets dark outside, however, the Race puts on a truly unique spectacle called the "Balloon Glow." This is where balloons that are tethered to the ground are all lit up and all of the glowing balloons look magical hovering over you.

The race also puts on a big concert and one of the headliners this year is the Texas favorite Koe Wetzel!

While the Great Texas Balloon Race is more competitive and is a spectacle to watch, you might have your heart set on riding in one the balloon's baskets someday. Texas has got you covered because Fredericksburg is having hot air balloon rides this Valentine's Day and it is the perfect way to fly up high in the sky with your loved one.

The Great Texas Balloon Race

Price: Free -  $15

Address: 200 Airpark Dr., Longview, TX

Why you need to go: To experience all the colorful balloons of different shapes and sizes fly up high into the air and light up the night with the race's "Balloon Glow."