Once we've finally finished our studies at university we've reached our early 20s and we're finally free of the school system that's been holding us hostage for the last 17 years or so. Yes, it's necessary to get a good education to allow us to get a good job and make enough money to support ourselves, but that's not all that's important in life.

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A big part of life, or at least it should be, is travel. If you've recently graduated or are graduating soon than I'm sure travel is on your mind. It most definitely is for me as I finish up my final semester at school.

I can't wait to escape to a far away land and experience a culture that's completely different, eat food that's completely different and meet people that are completely different. It's just time for a change and the best way to do that is to pack everything up book a flight!

Your 20s are the time to be spontaneous and free so you should absolutely choose from one of the best travel destinations for 20-somethings but avoid the worst if you want a new and unique experience!

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-Prague, Czech Republic 

Most people add Prague to their bucket list of travel destinations after they graduate university but it's far from a cliche. It's such a popular destination for young backpackers because of all it's cultural charm, awesome beer, lively city centre, and vibrant energy.

You can stroll across the iconic Charles Bridge, wander through the Old Town Square, visit the Prague Castle and watch the Astronomical Clock strike on the hour!

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-Dublin, Ireland 

While Dublin is a beautiful city and there is absolutely no shortage of amazing things to do and see if you end up travelling there, there are some things that might not be so great about it. Ireland as a whole is very expensive for backpackers compared to the rest of Europe. It's also a very tourist-y city so you might just end up drinking a whole lot of Guinness and not much else.

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-Havana, Cuba 

Cuba is rich in history and culture, and even though Canadians never had a hard time travelling there, it's now accessible to Americans as well. You can experience the 60s style cars driving through the streets, the pristine beaches with bright blue waters, and youthful energy and nightlife that the cities provide!

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-Cabo, Mexico 

If you like spending your days at a resort instead of out exploring your destination then I'm sure you would love Cabo. But myself and many others I'm sure, shiver when they hear the words 'resort'. It sounds beautiful and relaxing but honestly it's pretty boring. Lounging on the beach is nice but when you're in your 20s you should get out there explore, not waste your time lying around for a week.

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-Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Although some might say that Amsterdam has become too much of a tourist destination, they couldn't be more wrong. Yes, lots of tourists choose to travel Amsterdam every year but that's because it's so amazing and beautiful you can't pass it up!

You can bike along the shimmering canals, visit famous museums like the Van Gogh and Anne Frank museums, friendly locals that speak plenty of English, and of course marijuana is completely legal there!

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-London, England 

This really is a tricky one because even though there are serious mixed reviews about London, I still want to travel here eventually if I'm backpacking Europe and I'm sure a lot of people do as well. What I have discovered in my research though is that clearly, it's expensive. The pound is way higher than Canadian dollars and everything is already more expensive there so you'll be dishing out a lot if you decide to travel here.

While there is tons of history and the nightlife of London is pretty tourist-y and again EXPENSIVE. So it's really your call on this one, it's all about personal preference!

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-Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina as a whole is such a fun, lively and beautiful country that backpackers in their 20s will fall in love with instantly. The streets are wide and European-like even though you're in South America, the streets are filled with gorgeous murals on almost every wall, there's tons of secret bars, bustling city centres and tango classes to be had here and the people are so nice and friendly!

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-Los Angeles, United States

I've been to LA a couple times now because I have family that lives there and while I love California and would definitely consider living in San Francisco or San Diego, LA was never my favourite place. Sure the beaches are stunning, the people are flawless and the food is on a whole other level, but other than that I just didn't feel I fit in there at all.

The downtown area of LA is kind of a let down honestly, you expect it to be pretty bustling and lively but it actually isn't. The best part is obviously the beaches and hiking around the outer areas of the city.

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-New Orleans, United States

If you're heading to New Orleans, and you absolutely should, the best time to go is obviously during Mardi Gras, their infamous parade featuring music, party floats, colourful beads and tons of alcohol! The city itself is filled with a rich culture, history and friendly people not to mention the amazing food you'll eat there! Enjoy live Jazz music, crazy parties and a really fun time here.

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-Milan, Italy 

Although the high fashion draw of Milan sounds wonderful, perfect and beautiful, and it definitely is, once you get there you realize that with all the high fashion comes very high prices.

All the best sight seeing spots, fancy restaurants and cozy shopping streets and gorgeous but if you don't have deep pockets travelling to Milan will be a little bit of a let down because you probably won't be able to participate in many things here.

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-Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a young persons city, which is why it's the perfect place for people in their 20s to visit! It's everything from affordable to lively and energetic to friendly and exciting!

The city is filled with contemporary art, pubs filled with awesome beer, great food and stunning architecture explore while you're there!

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-Hong Kong, China 

Hong Kong is the definition of a bustling and lively city. While the idea of visiting Hong Kong seems exciting and different, actually being there can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know what you're getting yourself into.

There's basically no idea of personal space there, everyone is crammed together into a small amount of space and you can't go anywhere to escape that feeling. Yes, Chinese culture is alive and brilliant there but it can definitely be exhausting to try to tackle this city as a 20-something tourist.

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-Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam is a must-visit if you've decided to tackle Southeast Asia in your 20s. You'll enjoy amazing food, explore stunning temples, beautiful national parks and so much more! The best part about travelling to Vietnam? It's insanely affordable right now! You won't have to pinch your pennies here at all.

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-North Korea 

Obviously North Korea isn't the first thought most people have when they think "travel destination" but believe it or not you can travel to North Korea and a lot of people do. You'll remain in the capital city of Pyongyang, shuffled through guided tours where you'll see happy North Koreans living their everyday lives.

But we all know that everyone who travels to North Korea isn't able to see the real country in it's terrible entirety. You'd be shown what they want you to see and not what's actually going it. It may be an interesting place to travel if you want to see and learn a little bit about North Korea first hand but it's obviously not recommended.

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-Budapest, Hungary 

This is one place you have to visit if you're looking for an experience that's full of culture. Since the Soviet days, Budapest has changed a lot and all of it is for the better. It's so full of charm, chill cafes with amazing coffee, tons of delicious street food, and famous outdoor bathhouses that you must soak in!

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-Sao Paulo, Brazil 

While Brazil is a very beautiful and city filled with culture and lively people, there's been a whole lot of political problems there for a very long time. It's unfortunate because the country itself is so amazing and would be the perfect destination.

You can obviously find some amazing places to see and super fun things to do if you do decide to travel here but right now might not be the best time.

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-New Zealand 

While the flight to New Zealand will definitely cost you a lot of time and a decent chunk of money, getting there is totally worth it. New Zealand has some of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in the world and you can just see that in these pictures.

There's a reason so many famous movies are filmed here, because it's literally something you think can only experience in a made-up land! New Zealanders are also some of the friendliest people in the world.

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-Miami, Florida

While Florida itself has some amazing destinations, like the Florida Keys for example, Miami just isn't the best one. The beaches aren't that great and the night life is made up of super loud people ordering expensive bottles all night long.

There's definitely better places to go if you're in your 20s and you're looking for a fun beach vacation.

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-Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona offers all the culture, amazing foodie scene, and young nightlife vibes that you could want in a travel destination. The architecture here is almost unbelievably beautiful and there's tons of places to explore to get out of the tourist areas as well.

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-Nassau, Bahamas

Don't get me wrong, I loved the Bahamas when I visited there, but there are lots of other locations you can visit aside from Nassau that will offer a more cultural experience than a beach town. It's mainly the spot where cruise ships stop while they're in the Caribbean so you can imagine that it will be crawling with tourists.

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