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Travellers Reveal The Most Horrifying Stories About Staying At Airbnbs Across Canada

If you're looking for a cheap stay, a unique temporary living space, or more private accommodations on your next vacation, Airbnb is obviously the perfect choice for you. With their variety of different house types, price ranges and amenities, it seems like you really can't go wrong. 

Unfortunately, some Canadians have learned the hard way that when it comes to Airbnb, things actually can go very wrong, very quickly.

Whether it's nightmare guests, weirdly demanding hosts, or the state of the house itself, Canadian guests and hosts across the country have shared their horror stories. These are some of the worst.

1. Hidden Cameras

The most recent horror story comes from Toronto, where a couple found hidden cameras in the Airbnb they were renting. The Scottish couple was horrified to discover a camera hidden in an alarm clock in the unit, watching the bedroom specifically. They shared their terrifying ordeal on Facebook warning others to be careful and always check for creeps that do things like this.

2. The Montreal Rager 

A first-time host in Montreal learned about terrible guests the hard way when a group of young men from the US ended up throwing a massive party and trashing her apartment while she was away. Despite having a no-party rule, the host came back to find garbage outside her apartment and an even worse scene when she opened the door.

There was garbage and food everywhere, dirty underwear and urine in the bathroom, and even a huge hole in the wall. While the incident didn't deter her from hosting again, she's definitely going to be more careful with who she chooses. 

3. Horrifying Sexual Assault

In one of the most troubling stories, an Edmonton host came back to find her home had been the site of a terrible sexual assault. According to the host, she came back to find $10,000 worth of damage as well as bodily fluids and blood on the bed indicating a sexual assault.

When she called the police, she discovered that the guests were actually known gang members. She is currently trying to get full reimbursement from Airbnb for all the damage done to her home, but so far she has only been offered $2,000, which she turned down in hopes of a better deal. 

4. Teens Gone Wild

One Airbnb host in Ottawa was left with a huge mess to clean up after a party at their home led to damage, panic, and even a stabbing. Earlier this summer, police in Ottawa were called to a house being rented out on Airbnb.

When they got there they found a huge crowd of panicked teenagers flooding the streets, a trashed home, and a boy suffering from stab wounds. While the wounds weren't fatal, the property was left with broken windows, cracked tile floors, and holes in the walls. 

5. Drug Test Demanding Hosts

Via Reddit

A Canadian Airbnb guest is warning people of a creepy host who is threatening to test a piece of the guest's hair that they allegedly found on the floor for drugs and use it to get money from the guests.

The host shared the story on Reddit and, while she doesn't state where specifically this happened, she does say that the incident took place in Canada, citing that marijuana will soon be legal here. Redditors have responded ensuring the poster that it's an empty threat but that this host is crazy.

6. A Literal Pile Of Garbage

Via Airbnb

A family visiting Montreal is considering swearing off Airbnb forever after the place they booked turned out to be a filthy disaster. First, there was a literal pile of garbage by the front door, then the key wasn't where they were told to find it, but it didn't seem to matter since the door was wide open.

They went in the find the rest of the unit was disgusting with stained sheets, uncleaned floors. To make matters worse, the host was allegedly completely unresponsive to their calls and messages. They posted the story to Reddit, warning others to avoid this place at all costs.

7. Canadian Armed Robbery

Via Reddit

This final horror story doesn't take place here in Canada, but its Canadian victim has had quite the negative experience. While staying in an Airbnb in Georgia (the country not the state) the Canadian was the victim of an armed robbery.

A group of people came into the home, held a knife to the victim's throat and took everything they own including a laptop, iPhone, luggage, passport, and their bank cards which were used to take money from the victim's account. The horrifying experience was shared on Reddit, with the poster calling it the worst day of their life.

Via Airbnb

So while there are some amazing Airbnbs out there, with lovely hosts who leave you baked goods and clean and beautifully decorated homes, these terrifying tales serve as a warning to both guests and hosts. Always take the time to read all the best and worst reviews, and be extra cautious when you use Airbnb.

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