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The 8 Most Canadian Things To Ever Go Through A Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

Even beavers need Timbits!
The 8 Most Canadian Things To Ever Go Through A Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

Ah, the Timmies Drive-Thru. Few places exist that are more Canadian than that glorious little window that opens up and delivers your Double-Double and 10-Pack of Timbits.

So, honestly, compiling this list was not very hard. People are apparently spotting these super Canadian moments left and right! All I had to do was bring them all together in one place so that we could marvel together at the most Canadian drive-thru moments of all time.

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TL;DR Here are the 8 most Canadian things to ever pass through a Tim Horton's Drive-Thru... from dogsleds to beavers, you can't get much more Canuck than this.

Beaver Thru the Drive-Thru

Well wood-n’t you know! A Tims drive-thru in Vegreville, Alberta had this guest stop by before he double-doubled back home to his marsh.

April 20, 2017

This little beaver boy is not the only animal on this list to make their way through a Timmies drive-thru.

Clearly, the need for Timbits doesn't depend on species. Timbits are for all.

Drive-Thru Funeral Procession 

According to the CBC, Rosemary Dibbley went to Tim Hortons for her morning tea every single day, and her funeral would not have been complete without one final pass through the drive-thru.

Man Kayaks Thru Drive-Thru

Meanwhile, in Canada.. man paddles to Tim Hortons drive thru amid flooding in Quebec.

May 13, 2017

After some bad flooding in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, a Quebecois man was forced to paddle his way through the Timmies drive-thru.

Let it be known: nothing will stop us from getting our Timbits. Nothing.

Skating Thru the Drive-Thru

“I’ve played hockey my entire life but have never been able to skate up the streets.” Man skates through Tim Hortons drive thru

January 21, 2019

Just this winter this hilarious and ultra Canadian guy in New Brunswick made the most of the icy streets and pulled on his skates to go get his Timmies coffee.

Also, can we talk about how they're essentially doing the au naturale and free version of Red Bull Crashed Ice!?!

Zamboni Thru the Drive-Thru

I'm of a mind to think that this nice Zamboni driver was just clearing the ice for any other people who felt the need to skate their way through the drive-thru like the guy above.

If not, and this is just this guy's regular ride, he just became a lot more Canadian in my opinion.

Dogsled Thru the Drive-Thru

Another classic New Brunswick moment when this woman hopped on her dogsled to get her Timmies coffee.

While she's being pulled by her border collies and not huskies, this is still so Canadian it hurts. Also, those dogs look like they've been here before and are ready for their Timbit reward.

Snowmobile Thru the Drive-Thru

Sometimes you just gotta do the practical thing and take your snowmobile to Timmies!

I seriously wonder if these Tims staff are used to seeing this? Or is it a novelty for them, too?

Caravan of Deer Go Through the Drive Thru

It looks like this deer squad didn't make it in time to get their late night coffee... hope they didn't have much further to go...

Have you spotted a hilarious and Canadian moment at a Tim Horton's, or elsewhere?

Don't hesitate to send it our way, either via Instagram message or by simply tagging us in your video!

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