2020 has been a year of not being able to connect in person, so connection had to go virtual, which sometimes just meant scrolling Twitter and sharing your opinion about literally whatever.

Twitter is, essentially, the mall food court of the internet, so like a bunch of middle school students, that's where a lot of us hung out and shared what was important or meant something to us.

These are the most retweeted and favorited tweets of this year, and they cover all aspects of the hell that was still is 2020.

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Before there was a global pandemic, another heartbreaking tragedy struck us back in January.

Back on March 16, quarantines and lockdowns had only just begun, but collectively we were already beginning to lose it.

By early May, the people were given some sweet, momentary relief with this lovely song posted by the band BTS.

This headline sums up the summer, although one of these viruses has been around for a lot longer.

By May 30, everyone wanted to leave the planet entirely, as this tweet by Andy Milonakis got one million likes in literally one day.

In August, Macaulay Culkin made everyone feel old, because why not, sure.

In late August, we lost another wonderful person.

And then of course in November, we got this sweet video of Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris speaking to President-Elect Joe Biden on the phone, saying "We did it, Joe."

And with that, we leave this year with some hope for something better.