Canada certainly doesn’t have a shortage of bubble tea shops, and chances are, if you’re a die-hard fan of bubble tea, you probably have a go-to bubble tea store already. The Alley, a super popular Taiwanese bubble tea chain that's making waves in Canada, is taking things to a whole new level this Halloween with blood bags! The Alley blood bag drinks are back and you can get them only this month.

The Alley is offering spooky and seriously unnerving fruit flavoured “blood bags” this Halloween to spice up your Halloween and take your vampire and ghoul costumes to a whole new level.

The blood bags are gross and exciting in equal measure and will be offered for a very limited time only (two weeks to be exact) for the first time ever in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal at The Alley. The Alley Blood Bags will be available across all 18 Canadian locations, starting on Tuesday, October 22.

These blood bags are customizable so you can write names and ID numbers on them as if they were real blood bags.

You can store them in coolers on ice just like real blood bags, or stack them in the fridge at your next Halloween party if you want to scare the living daylights out of your friends and family members.

The “blood” in the blood bags are made of a deliciously spooky and refreshing fruit blend that is actually really healthy for you. They'll go perfectly with your weird Halloween costumes this year.

The main ingredients in these ghoulish drinks are grape juice, apple vinegar and jasmine green tea, all of which are super nutritious for you and full of antioxidants. Vampires need to be healthy too.

The blood bags will be offered for the first time in Edmonton as well, along with Vancouver. In Toronto, these limited edition blood bags have been offered every Halloween for three years already. 

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