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These Two Quebecers Are Irritating The Whole Country On "The Amazing Race Canada"

They're definitely the villians of this season.
These Two Quebecers Are Irritating The Whole Country On "The Amazing Race Canada"

If you've ever watched any reality TV competition, then you'd know you have your favourites, your least favourites, and of course, people who just shouldn't be on the show. No matter what season it is, there is always some sort of controversy. It's no different for season 7 of The Amazing Race

If you're watching this season of The Amazing Race, then you may know who we're talking about. If not, their names are Dave Leduc and Irina Terehova. Not only do people not like this couple, but they're also being accused of things that are not allowed on the show. From cheating to disrespecting their competition, to setting a bad example, fans absolutely can't stand them. 

Two million Canadians currently watch The Amazing Race, and Dave and Irina knew they wouldn't be the favourite. In an interview with Le Journal de Montreal, the couple admits that they "bring something different to the game", well aware that something is negative. 

Dave and Irina are one of the last 5 teams to be on the show, and the two Montreal natives know that the world doesn't fancy them. In the interview, they also said, "There is nothing that would stop us from going as far as possible," says Dave. "The world that says we cheated, stole taxis ... Yeah, uh? We did not come here to make friends. For us, it was not an opportunity to get to know others with: "Hello! How is it going? What are you doing in life? "We cuddle! We wanted to finish first."

Like always, fans are ranting about the couple on social media. One even went as far as to say that Dave and Irina are "two of the most disgusting people to ever be on this show". Ouch!

Looks like if fans had a choice, Dave and Irina would've been the first team to leave. But, honestly, what would you do for $250,000?

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Quebec.

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