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This Map Shows How Big Each Canadian Province Actually Is Compared To Other Countries

It's easy to forget how massive Canada actually is!

Living in a great big country like Canada, it is easy to forget just how tiny other countries of the world are in comparison with it. In fact, according to World Atlas, the area of Canada is actually the second largest country on the whole planet, falling only one place behind the land-giant that is Russia!

While over 9.9 million square-kilometres of Canadian land definitely does sound like a lot, realizing exactly how many countries you could squeeze inside of Canada really does put its magnificent size into perspective.

A new map posted on the r/Canada sub-Reddit has provided a pretty good visual for the actual scale of this vast country, as you can see exactly which other countries of the world could fit directly inside of Canada’s various provinces and territories. 

While Canada is just one country, this new map shows that as many as 13 other countries could actually fit inside of Canada, including bigger countries like Peru, Mongolia, and even Mexico!

Seeing that whole countries can squeeze into some of Canada's smaller provinces, really shows how huge we must be!

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The unofficial map, which has been given the title, "The Real Size of Canada," shows 13 countries laid upon a Canadian map, mirroring which countries worldwide have a similar land size to that province, territory, or area.

For example, the map shows that the whole country of Afghanistan (652,237 square kilometres in size) is roughly the same size as the Canadian province of Saskatchewan (651,900 square kilometres).

Similarly, Canadian province Quebec (1.668 million square kilometres) is roughly the same size as the whole country of Mongolia (1.564 million square kilometres), while Canada's territory of Nunavut (2.093 million square kilometres) is around the same land size as the whole of Mexico (1.973 million square kilometres).

In fact, Canada can fit as many as 13 foreign countries inside its own borders, including Turkmenistan, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Tanzania, Paraguay, Panama, Croatia, and Myanmar.

For a true perspective on how big Canada actually is, you can also take a look at how it compares size-wise with the whole of Europe. Even then, it’s still absolutely massive.

While Canada almost has the biggest land size of any country in the whole world, it remains quite a way off from Russia, who actually has a land size of a whopping 17.1 million square kilometres. 

That said, with as much as 9.9 million square kilometres to play around with, we’re unlikely to run out of space any time soon!

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