'The Bachelor' Announced A New Spin-Off And We Have So Many Questions

This sure as hell ain't paradise.
'The Bachelor' Announced A New Spin-Off And We Have So Many Questions
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Ok Bachelor fans. What the actual fk. Just when you thought the Bachelor spin-offs were over, they're back again and weirder than ever. We all remember Bachelor Pad, right? Where contestants would couple up and do challenges for change to win a million dollars? This show quickly became more about the money than the love, which caused us all to tune out, eventually bringing the series to a halt. 

Bachelor in Paradise replaced this TV disaster and brought us a hotter, more fun mess that we could indulge in when The Bachelor and The Bachelorette weren't airing in the summer. BIP has given us countless amazing moments (Kardashley, Nick Viall for Bachelor, Scallop Fingers) that we don't know how any other spin-off could compete, and yet, Bachelor producers are bringing in a new winter show and we truly don't know how to feel.

The new show is titled 'The Winter Games' which already sounds more sporty than sexy in our minds. The show is set to air in February 2018 to line up with the Winter Olympics and will focus on athletic and relationship-based challenges. 

Who will we see on Winter Games? Bachelor alumni of all kinds. Villains, foes and fan favs of seasons past will join the cast to compete alongside each other and hopefully find love. Chris Harrison also let slip that people who aren't single may also appear on Winter Games, which is pretty wild. The show will also feature former cast-mates from international Bachelor franchises like  Bachelor JapanBachelor AustraliaBachelor Canada and Bachelor U.K. giving a real possibility to ~*international love*~. 

The show will take place in Vermont and promises to be 'very different' than anything the franchise has seen before. Chris Harrison is not only going to host, but also produce, adding, "It’s going to be very different. It’s going to be very fun, and I’m very excited. We’re still working out the creative aspects of the whole thing, and I’ll be producing as well. But I know what’s in store, just the broad strokes.”

When the timing isn't right, there's always #TheWinterGames... #TheBachelor

September 13, 2017

Producer and basically my personal tormentor Mike Fleiss hinted that Peter Kraus might be joining Winter Games with this suggestive tweet. Here's hoping Peter comes through and saves Winter Games from being what sounds like the only Bachelor show I won't be watching. 

Paige McPhee
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer, Studio
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