It's been exactly a month since the premiere of Peter Weber's season of the matchmaking show. When the contestants were revealed, Canadians revelled in the fact that one of the 30 ladies was a B.C.-born fashion blogger. Though she made it pretty far, The Bachelor's Mykenna Dorn was sent home last night but some fans aren't that upset about it.

This week featured a bonus episode totalling a whole five hours of drama and name-calling.

Last night's episode saw some drama between Dorn and Tammy Ly with the B.C. native being accused of packing her bags before the group date and using the show for her brand's hashtags. Yikes.

Ly ended up getting sent home before the cocktail party, much to Dorn's delight. 

But even after a mini two-on-one date, Dorn didn't get the final rose and was sent back home to Canada.

The other ladies who got sent home in week six were Sydney Hightower and Victoria Paul, who quit the show after Pilot Pete said he didn't see her as "wifey material." 

After the show aired last night, Dorn tweeted out, "I am proud AF to be Canadian."

She also responded to a user who tweeted, "When you make it through the two-on-one only to be eliminated 2 minutes later" saying "not cool not cool."

It seems the fashion blogger has racked up a loyal following of people who enjoyed her tenure on the show. Replies in the comments shared words of love, sadness, and respect for her Canadian background.

Other users took to Twitter to share their relief that the "annoying" contestant was finally out of the competition.

During Monday night's episode, even Jennifer Aniston and actress Mary McCormack poked fun at Dorn on Instagram. 

Now that we know the B.C. fashion blogger isn't the one who stole Weber's heart, it leaves room for her to compete on Bachelor in Paradise, which fans think she would be the perfect contestant on. 

You can catch the remainder of Pilot Pete's season on Mondays at 8 p.m.