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"The Bachelor" Season 24 Premiere

After months and months of waiting, last night we finally got to see The Bachelor season 24 premiere, and it was fully loaded with drama, to say the least. Since it was revealed that there's only one Canadian competing on this season, people went into last night's episode rooting for Mykenna Dorn, but after watching, some opinions have changed.

In typical Bachelor tradition, last night Peter Weber was introduced to the 30 women that will be competing for his heart over the coming weeks. Because there are so many contestants, the women want to do whatever they can to stand out from the others, including blindfolding Weber or even pulling up in a fancy red corvette.

Compared to some of the other girls, Canada's sweetheart took a more tame approach to introduce herself to Pilot Pete — as a fashion blogger she wanted to check out his outfit and make sure it was up to her standards and from the looks of things, he passed the test.

Once inside though, the atmosphere became a lot more competitive and Dorn wasn't afraid to take a bold approach to get Weber's attention.

When he was chatting with another girl, 31-year old Natasha P. from New York, the Canadian blogger began throwing paper airplanes, not once, but twice at the duo in order to pull Weber away for some alone time.

Dorn's tactic worked, temporarily at least, until Natasha P. came and stole the charming pilot back once again. The Canadian contestant did get a kiss from Weber though, so she seemed to be satisfied.

Before the season started, fans saw the 22-year old as a total sweetheart and a shoo-in for finals, and although a lot of people still think that she has what it takes to make it to hometowns, she's now also being compared to some previous Bachelor villains.

"Mykenna is the new Luke P of The Bachelor," one person tweeted.

"Mykenna on the bachelor gives me Luke P vibes," added another Twitter user.

As if all the contestant drama last night wasn't enough, former Bachelorette and ex-girlfriend of Weber, Hannah Brown made two appearances last night, and it's looking like she might just be back competing for co-pilot of The Bachelor's heart.

Be sure to keep your eye on Dorn next Monday to see if she's still acting like Luke P, or if she really has a shot a Pilot Pete's heart.

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