Spoiler alert! This theory about The Bachelor season finale suggests that Justin Bieber might have accidentally exposed that Peter Weber chooses Madison Prewett. He let a big hint slip during an interview on The Ellen Show. 

The Stratford born singer sat down with guest host Demi Lovato last week to talk music, his marriage with Hailey, and what they pop on the TV during downtime.

When asked by Lovato what he and his wife like to watch, Bieber said that "we watch The Bachelor, he was at church the other night...I went up to him and I was like 'I feel like I know you.'"

Lovato immediately reacted to his statement and shared that she's a huge fan of the show and goes to the same church as Bieber.

She responded, "No, he wasn't! I missed that! Stop it! You know me and we go to the same church and you didn't text me, 'yo Pilot Pete is here.'"

According to Bustle, in an episode from a few weeks ago, Prewett "shared how her faith is extremely important to her and would like to be with someone who shares similar values. Peter admitted that he wasn't extremely religious, but seemed open to the idea of becoming more in touch with his faith if it meant a lot to his significant other."

Weber's sighting at the Hillsong Church in LA could be a huge hint that he picked Prewett and was attending with her. Or, he could just be brushing up on his own Christian values.

But some keen fans made their own assumptions about why Weber was at church.

On the same day the video was posted, this user wrote, "So in the end, it took Justin Bieber to give us #Thebachelor spoiler. Who else could make Peter go to church?"

Another wrote, "Justin Bieber says he saw pilot pete in church. Hmmmmmm (not saying he hasn't been going) but i think he is with madi...and she is encouraging him to now go to church..."

This person looked "on the bright side" and said, "Even if Peter doesn’t find love, at least he found Jesus! And Justin Bieber".

This user's theory is that "I don't think Peter will pick Hannah Ann or Madison at the finale -- but he may do a "Colton" and pursue Madison at some point after since Justin Bieber saw Peter at his church. Peter trying to prove to Madison's family he is worthy of her".

These people are pretty sure about what Bieber's slip up reveals.

In that same interview, Bieber also joked that he and Hailey are in an arranged marriage. He said they were set up to meet by her dad since they have the same Christian values.

Biebs hasn't commented about his potential slip up regarding The Bachelor finale.

You can find out whether Madison Prewett or Hannah Ann Sluss get the final rose from Pilot Pete on the season finale tonight at 8 p.m.