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A Bachelor Spin-Off For Seniors Is Casting Now & You Can Sign Your Grandparents Up

The casting is open to Canadians except ones from Quebec.
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The Bachelor Seniors Casting Call Is Open To Canadians & You Can Sign Your Grandparents Up

Do you know a senior citizen looking for love? Maybe it's even one of your grandparents or parents. Now you can actually get your grandma or grandpa onto a dating show that's specifically for people in their golden years. The Bachelor seniors casting call is looking for older single people and Canadians can apply.

There have been numerous spin-offs of The Bachelor including The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise with young, attractive people competing for one person's affection.

But now it's time for the boomers to have their chance.

During the episode of The Bachelor that aired on February 24, a commercial announcing the casting call for a new show popped up on people's screens.

The dating show is looking for seniors, which means 65 years of age or older, that are active, outgoing, single and ready for romance.

A tweet from ABC's reality show head about the casting call said, "give us your Grumpiest Old Men, give us your Goldenest Girls."

However, there are some restrictions.

Applicants need to be 65 or older, single and legal residents of the U.S. or Canada, excluding Quebec.

So if you know somebody in their golden years who's single and ready to mingle, you might want to tell them about this new show.

To apply, the senior has to fill out an online form with a bunch of questions about pretty much everything like their work history, bucket list, if they have any tattoos, and even how many relationships they've been in.

They also need to upload a current photo of themselves;

Since these are boomers we're dealing with, you might have to fill out the application for your loved one and take their photo if they want to get on the show.

Once all the active, outgoing and single men and women have been found, ABC can greenlight the show and start-up production.

Since the show is still just looking for applicants and hasn't actually started yet, there's no word on if it'll be just like The Bachelor with hometown visits, fantasy suites and roses.

Even if it's just bingo dates, knitting and retirement home suites, it could still be nice to see older people get their chance at love.

If you know a senior citizen who's ready to fall in love and have a committed relationship, they can apply here to be on this new The Bachelor spin-off.

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