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The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Gives Birth To Her Second Baby

You may remember Ali Fedotowsky, who was the Bachelorette a few years back. Ali has to be one of the most sought after Bachelorettes in TV history. Men went crazy over her sassy yet sweet personality on her season of The Bachelorette.

After finishing her season, she quickly broke off her engagement to Roberto, as most Bachelorettes do. Let's be honest, most of these Bachelor couples never actually last. 

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Ali ended up dating Kevin Manno, someone outside of the Bachelor universe and subsequently married him. They have one daughter together, Molly. 

Ali just announced in the sweetest Instagram post that they are now the proud parents of a baby boy as well! 

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The caption reads, "Our sweet boy has arrived! Born 5/24, 12:57 AM at 21.5 inches and weighing 8lbs 11oz. We are so grateful and bursting with love!"

How adorable! The comments are flooded with congratulations! Everyone is happy for Ali and her sweet little family.

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If you follow Ali on Instagram then you already know that she's basically turned into a domestic goddess. The former Bachelorette loves anything and everything that has to do with her kids, husband or her home life. 

If you need any tips on motherhood, style, food or decor then you need to follow Ali on Instagram.