Bekah M. from The Bachelor is talking again and you need to hear what she has to say. Bekah M. was the only interesting thing on Arie's boring season of The Bachelor.

She was known as the very young, but very clever girl who definitely stole Arie's heart. Even though he didn't pick her, we knew that she was special. She may have been young, but she was wise beyond her years.

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Oh yeah, she was also the one who was "reported missing" but ended up being on a marijuana farm in California. Yes, that's Bekah.

Well, Bekah just opened up about how expensive it was to be a contestant on the Bachelor, specifically because of the wardrobe. All of the contestants are required to bring their own clothes, including those gorgeous gowns, which means you need to shell out some serious dough. 

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She told Glamour that female contestants are required to "prepare for eight weeks and all kinds of weather" when they are packing clothes for the show.

Here's what she had to say, "I was like, 'This is going to cost me thousands of dollars if I buy all of these.' Knowing that there's a potential to go on the show for two months and not make any money during that time - I'm not working, but I still have to pay rent and all my living expenses - there was no way I could spend a few grand on clothes."

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She got extremely candid when she admitted that she had to borrow a ton of dresses instead of spending a crazy amount of money. "I just kind of started making a plan of who I could borrow dresses from - that was my main concern. I had a friend who was a pageant girl, so I texted her to ask if she had any in my size. I have a couple of friends with swimwear companies here in Los Angeles, so they gave me some free suits." 

Bekah admits that she couldn't borrow everything. She ended up having to buy a bunch of heels that cost her around $700-800. She said, "When I got back to Los Angeles, I was so broke I returned everything that still had tags on."

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She said that some of the other contestants definitely spent a lot more than her. Seinne, for an example, had all of the best new clothes from Anthropology, Free People and more. She definitely thinks that Seinne (along with tons of other contestants) spent a fortune on their Bachelor wardrobes.

Source: Glamour