It was only a few months ago that the world grappled with yet another Bachelor break-up. Nick Viall and fiancé Vanessa Grimaldi broke off their relationship after a mere 5-months of public dating. Grimaldi 'won' Viall's season of The Bachelor, despite the two living in different countries with very different family dynamics. 

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Since the break-up, the two have apparently been on good terms chatting now and then. The two claim they still have love for each other despite parting ways, but I wonder what Nick has to say aboutVanessa's new man? 

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Vanessa was spotted lunching with Montreal-based hockey player, Brendan Gallagher this past week. Gallagher is a right-wing for the Montreal Canadians, conveniently placing him in Grimaldi's hometown when he's not travelling for away games. The two were spotted having a brunch in the Old Port of the city, looking "playful and sweet."

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A rep for Grimaldi says that, “[Vanessa and Brendan] have been talking and hanging out together. They’re cute. It’s all relatively new." Spectators have also spotted Vanessa and Brendan out on the town, meaning the new couple isn't shying away from their relationship!