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The Barn Owl Rescued From The Silverado Fire Is Recovering And Screeching Like A Dinosaur

The barn owl that was rescued in Orange County by firefighters on Tuesday night from the flames of the Silverado Fire is recovering nicely, in some much needed good news.

The large owl was brought to the Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital in Lake Forest to be treated for burns after firefighters scooped him up out of the flames and into one of their yellow jackets.

He stared up at the men, letting them handle him, and then calmly sat wrapped in the jacket on one of their laps, as he was transferred to the hospital.

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He's doing a lot better now, though — the Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital posted this update today to their Instagram showing him swirling his head around and screeching like a little raptor.

Earlier in the week, it was a pretty bleak situation for this owl.

 Most of the owl's injuries were due to burned feathers.

The Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital has been helping to evacuate other animal organizations affected by the fire.

If you would like to donate to the cause of caring for this owl (and other birds of prey affected by the fires), you can do so at the Orange County Bird Of Prey Center's website.

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