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The Best Cities For Young People To Find A Job In 2020 Are All In The South

Southern charm & job opportunities go hand in hand.
The Best Cities For Millennials In The United States To Work In Are The South

Whether you're in the post-grad slump or seeking a career change, we all can agree that the job hunt is not as easy or glamorous as we thought it would be. If you've been eyeing the dream cities like New York and Los Angeles as your future home to no avail, you might want to start looking south. The best cities for young people to work in 2020 are nearly all in the South, and they're hiring at an astronomical rate. 

This growth was measured by a ManpowerGroup survey. The formula is simple: take the percentage of companies in cities across the country who plan on hiring in droves and subtract the companies who plan on downsizing. Say bye-bye to unemployment in 2020. 

Chattanooga, Tennessee 

Why You Need To Go: 'Nooga is leading the charge of the country's employment outlook for 2020. There quite literally might be more jobs than people actively looking for them with the city seeing available jobs increasing by 34 percent.

Volkswagen is one of the powerhouses making major hiring moves, along with multiple companies that comprise the $1 billion leisure and hospitality industry.

Charleston, South Carolina

Why You Need To Go: If you geek out on information tech, there are a slew of local tech companies ready to offer you a contract in Charleston. Your wallet won't complain either, with an average pay of over $90,000 annually.

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Why You Need To Go: You don't need to work in Silicon Valley when you've got Queen City. There are nearly 2,500 vacant jobs in tech-related positions as of late this year, and numbers are just expected to go up.

Bank of America, Lowe's, and Microsoft are just a few of the powerhouses looking for you. How could you even pass up on these views?

Columbia, South Carolina

Why You Need To Go: Columbia and Baton Rouge are tied for growth, with Columbia seeing a surprising increase in government and state jobs (perfect for those poli-sci and public policy majors).

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Why You Need To Go: Baton Rouge is in dire need of more skilled workers, so if you went to trade school and specialized in something, make your way down to the Bayou (but beware of the gators).

Nashville, Tennessee 

Why You Need To Go: One of the biggest contributions to the employment outlook is Amazon's corporate office (Operations Center of Excellence). It's bringing 5,000 jobs that pay six-figures. Hello to financial stability.

Atlanta, Georgia 

Why You Need To Go: Hotlanta has been on fire in recent years in terms of job opportunities, but the city is cooling down just a little. With only a slight increase in employment outlook, technology and production companies reign supreme (Tyler Perry Studios, we're ready to be hired).