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You Can Skip The Spa & Buy Your Own Fish-Shaped Sauna In Washington Instead

Bonus: You can take it everywhere you go. 🔥
The Best Spa In Washington State Could Be This Fish Sauna & You Can Buy It

We'd be lying if we said we didn't want to jump the adulting ship and retreat to a spa in the middle of the day. If you're like us and are looking for the best spa in Washington state, you can have one in your own backyard or take it everywhere you go. Because there's one for sale right now! 

Located in Sedro Woolley, Washington, a hot bath shaped liked a fish is getting "wishlisted" quite a bit. And the brand new, Anglerfish Sauna could be yours for $105,000. 

The 17-foot rustic sculpture is a wood-wired sauna on a brand new custom-built trailer. Meaning, it comes with wheels and is off-grid ready, so you can just hitch it on to your ride and have a spa day anywhere you go. 

If you want to put it in your backyard instead, it takes up 48 square feet of space.

You'll be surprised just how functional this massive fish is. While it's exterior is hammered with brass scales to give it a realistic finish, its tail converts into a woodstove door. Even its glass-blown eyes double-up as windows and lights. 

If we hadn't seen the listing, we'd have probably mistaken this for a piece of architecture.

The interiors are just as awesome. It's completely made with the cedar sourced from a single tree, according to the listing.

It comes with a waterline for a hose inside to steam it up for a relaxing time.

It also has a stone heat exchanger to warm up the incoming fresh (and chilly) air that can make its way into the cabin.

The fish's open mouth houses a cedar door forged with steel hinges for privacy behind the doors. The lower half of its jaw houses a cozy deck for you to cool off on if it gets too warm inside.

There's also plenty of wooden-bench seating inside too. — Anyone else thinking of throwing that spa party

Whether you want to invite your friends over or duck into it with your boo, not everyone can say they have the whole sauna to themselves. 

The Anglerfish Sauna

Price: $105,000

Address: Sedro Woolley, WA

Description: You can buy your own mobile sauna that's shaped like a fish.

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