Sometimes the exhaustion that comes at the end of the week feels like it'll never go away. You might think that you'll never be able to show up at work on Monday fully rested, but is there really anything that a self-care day can't fix? This Michigan spa offers a unique way of relaxing that will do wonders for your skin, your breathing, and hopefully your mood!

The Corcova Spa salt cave in Flint provides a dim, comfortable area that allows you to meditate while the warm, salty air soaks into your skin and fills each breath. 

They also offer a salt booth and a salt bed that provides the same benefits, but it's much more private and you can choose to lay down if you wish. 

Meditation often involves deep breathing exercises that brings the Himalayan-salted air into your lungs. It's supposed to help you breathe easier and can clear your sinuses. 

There are 84 minerals present in the Himalayan salt which can do wonders for your skin. Instead of drying you out, the cave helps your skin attract moisture. 

You'll leave feeling refreshed in more ways than one. 

Along with salt therapy, they also offer hydro-therapy and light therapy which are other treatments that can bring you zen. 

The water therapy uses the weightlessness of floating to bring you to a new place of tranquility. The infrared light therapy allows your skin to soak in the light which could help clarify your skin and some people even claim that it has helped manage pain symptoms from certain illnesses. 

A spa trip might only cure part of the stress, so you could also take a boozy weekend trip, visit a cafe focused on spirituality, or blow of some steam with a massive Bloody Mary brunch. 

This place also sells CBD products so you can try those out if alternative medicine has ever interested. 

There's a lot that this spa has to offer to get you closer to mental clarity, which is something I think we could all use a little more of. 

Corcorva Salt Spa

Price: This Groupon deal offers a 45-minute session in the salt cave for $25.

Address: 1159 W Hill Rd., Flint, MI 

Why You Need To Go: This unique spa experience could be just the thing that will help you finally unwind. Try it out and let the warm salty air transform your skin and your mood.