This "Amethyst" Studded Salt Cave In Washington Is Perfect For A Magical Spa Day

You can rent out the whole thing too. ✨
The Best Spas In Washington State Are Salt Caves Studded With Amethyst Crystals

Adulting can be hard. While you can't always get away on a vacay, you can still do the next best thing. Plan a self-care day at one of the best spas in Washington state. Whether you're in the mind to relax, rejuvenate or pamper yourself, this could be your spot. 

Located in Ferndale, Washington, Flow Motion not only has a Himalayan salt cave, but another one studded with amethyst crystals for the most magical and calming vibe. 

The cavern seats four people and is studded with crystal clusters from Brazil and Uruguay that sparkle in lavender, lilac, violet, and deep purple hues. 

The chromotherapy from the lights that these rocks reflect is known to be used for therapeutic relaxation. Some of its benefits reportedly include boosting your mood, antioxidant activity, circulation, cell regeneration, and improved sleep — you know, stuff that we could all use. 

While you can book a 50-minute session for $45 per person, you can reserve the whole place for $99 per hour for four people — that's only $24.75 if you split the costs. Girls' spa day, anyone? 

You can sit back on plush reclining chairs with your feet planted on cork floors heated by infrared and enjoy some therapy under a tower called the "salt waterfall." It brings moving water of nature indoors. 

Alyssa Springs, the owner of this healing sanctuary told Narcity that you can also opt for a $34 day pass.

It gives you access to a host of other services at this place too.

You can enjoy everything from private time at the crystal cave and a Himalayan salt sauna (an infrared experience) to zero gravity massage chairs, lounges, and access to a complimentary hot tea bar and an aromatherapy bar.  

Once you're energized, you can also opt for a yoga, pilates or a Zumba class. There's even a free one if you'd like to educate yourself about essential oils and how you can use them. 

And with February being Amethyst month and everything, this sounds like the ultimate relaxation trip to us. 

Flow Motion

Price: $45 per person for 50 minutes/$34 for an all-day pass

When: Monday to Thursday from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Timings vary on Friday and Saturday, closed on Sundays. Check here for more details.*

Address: 1920 Main St. #19, Ferndale, WA

Why You Need To Go: This healing amethyst-studded salt cave is the perfect way to de-stress and take a spa day. 

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