You Can See The Breathtaking Draconid Meteor Shower Perfectly From These Georgia Locations

Break out your telescope!
The Best Spots In Georgia To See The Draconid Meteor Shower In October

We all know what meteor showers are and have an idea of what one would look like, but most of us have never seen one in action. We Georgians are in luck because there's going to be a Draconid meteor shower this October and you can see it in Georgia super clear. 

A Draonids meteor shower is more lowkey than the full packed shower that killed the dinosaurs, but it is still pretty cool. This type of shower is considered a "sleeper," meaning it rarely has more than five meteors per hour, according to

Georgia is a prime spot to watch this show over a few days during the month of October. As long as you turn off all the house lights (and outside lights) you should be in the clear to see a few meteors fly over. 

Back in 1933 and 1946, this type of shower lit up the sky and there were thousands of meteors every single hour. There is always a possibility of this happening again, so keep a lookout. 

Mark your calendars for Oct. 6 to Oct. 10 because these are going to be the days Georgians will be watching the night sky like hawks. 

If you want to get the most out of this rare shower, the best places to get the best views are the State Parks and observatories. Earthsky has shared some of the best spots: 

Keep up with all the astrological updates at They will give you all the prime times to see astro shows and planet sightings.

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