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This New Netflix Canada Series May Be More Canadian Than "Schitt's Creek"

Schitt's Creek has some competition.
This New Netflix Canada Series May Be More Canadian Than "Schitt's Creek"

One of the many things we love about Schitt's Creek is that the show isn't scared to be unapologetically Canadian. But the hit comedy may be getting some Netflix competition for it's last season. A new series just hit Netflix Canada that is literally 99.9% Canadian and may have an edge over our favorite comedy. The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco is now on Netflix Canada.

The Bletchley Circle: San Fransisco isn't exactly new, but it is new to the streaming platform. The period drama is a spinoff of the original British show The Bletchley Circle. It follows two previous characters as they travel and solve murders, with both Americans and Canadians using their unnatural decoding abilities. 

While the original series was completely produced in Britain, this spinoff series is SO Canadian. Not only is it produced by the Canadian company, Omnifilm Entertainment, but besides two actors, the entire cast and crew are Canadian. Right down to the camera operators!

Despite the name of the show, it was all entirely filmed in British Columbia, with most of the scenes shot at Maple Ridge Studios in Westminister. 

The show still airs on Citytv, but because of the success it met in its first season it was recently added to Netflix Canada on September 8, just in time for its season 2 premiere!

While Schitt's Creek is obviously a masterpiece, this series has an edge over the comedy. It's a drama, and dramas dominate the TV industry, just take a look at Grey's Anatomy. Now that Canada has it's very own "homegrown' drama series, who knows what'll happen.

Maybe it'll be claiming the title of "best show on TV" next year by TV Guide

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