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The Canadian Air Force Somehow Managed To Drop A Raft From The Sky Through Somebody's Roof

Only Canadians could manage something like this! 😂
The Canadian Air Force Somehow Managed To Drop A Raft From The Sky Through Somebody's Roof

Well, it's official, our Canadian Air Force is something else, to say the least, and it's got everything to do with a little hiccup in a routine helicopter flight over Miami. By little, we mean they managed to drop a raft through the roof of somebody's house- so many not so little? 

It all started after Luce Rameau, the owner of the house was inside speaking with a friend on the phone when she heard "what sounded like a bomb." When she went to go investigate, she found an 80-pound raft in her bedroom, and everything else in the room covered in debris. 

Via Khant Valdes | Youtube

Rightly so, Rameau freaked out and started screaming out of shock. While there were no injuries, that has to be pretty traumatic who even thinks something like that could happen in general let alone happen to them?! 

It turns out the reason the Air Force had the raft in custody attached to their helicopter was because they do offshore search-and-rescue exercises in Miami. The warmer weather allows them to train their pilots year-round versus only in the Summer if they did it in Canada. 

While news sources have attempted to get further details from the police, they are staying tight-lipped only saying "we cannot speak on how the raft fell from the helicopter." Though they did give a description of the helicopter, saying it was a CH-146 Griffon helicopter that was returning to the US Coast Guard air station with the 80-pound raft until it, you know, fell through someone's roof. 

Thankfully the Royal Canadian Air Force already says they are intending to support the victim and help with accommodation as well as fixing that hole. I mean, the situation could be worse- imagine this happened in Canada where it's still freezing!