With the next federal election less than a year away people are now starting to think about who they are going to vote for. It's still early, the election isn't until October 21, 2019. But already people have made their decisions. 

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Early polls, done by Angus Reid, reveal how exactly Canada is going to vote next year and it already doesn't look good for Justin Trudeau. 

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In the survey, Canadians were asked how likely they would be to vote for each of the major parties. Out of the responses, only 15% of people say they will vote for the Liberals. Meanwhile, 22% of people will consider voting for them and 49% of people surveyed say they won't even consider voting for them. 

On the flipside, the Conservatives are actually polling pretty well. Right now 25% of people say they would definitely vote for them, 20% would consider voting for them and only 37% of people say they definitely will not vote for them. 

If the election happened today, these numbers give Andrew Scheer a minority government. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals would end up as the official opposition. 

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Despite the low party numbers, within people who are voting for the Liberals, Justin Trudeau is performing well. 79% of Liberal voters are confident in his leadership. Among the Conservative voters, however, only 65% of them think Andrew Scheer is a good leader. 

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This early in the game, the race seems to be between the Liberals and the Conservatives, as it has been for decades in Canada. In terms of other parties, 50% of people surveyed won't even consider voting for Jagmeet Singh and the NDPs. Only 9% of people found Maxime Bernier's party appealing.