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The Canadian 'Fiji Water Girl' Is Now Getting Countersued By Fiji And The Legal Drama Continues

Fiji counter suing "Fiji Water Girl" after Kelleth Cuthbert tried to sue the water bottle company that made her famous.
The Canadian 'Fiji Water Girl' Is Now Getting Countersued By Fiji And The Legal Drama Continues

A legal battle has been brewing between Fiji and the viral Golden Globes' "Fiji Water Girl". It looks like there ain't no love between these two parties even though they both brought each other fame. The Canadian "Fiji Water Girl" has been sued back by Fiji after she first tried to sue the water bottle company.

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It all started when Kelleth Cuthbert, aka the "Fiji Water Girl", tried to sue Fiji, the company that made her famous, for putting up cardboard cutouts of her throughout Los Angeles without telling her. Well, Fiji has now clapped back with a lawsuit of their own. According to TMZ, Fiji has filed a counter lawsuit against the Canadian model today. 

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The water bottle company is claiming that Kelleth Cuthbert has "bitten the hand that feeds her" and tried to get half a million dollars out of the company that gave her fame in the first place, according to TMZ. In the legal documents, Fiji says that the "Fiji Water Girl's" real reasoning behind her lawsuit against them was to get more money out of them. 

Fiji is claiming Kelleth's lawsuit against them is not credible. The legal documents state that the water bottle company had a deal with the model for her to be a brand ambassador for $90,000 and were therefore allowed to use her photo for a relevant ad campaign. 

Fiji did not hold back against the model. They are coming for her just as she came for them. They claim she is "suing the very company that is entirely responsible for providing her with the opportunity and the means to capitalize on her fleeting 15 minutes of internet fame". In other words, Fiji is savage. 

A Fiji rep told TMZ, "This lawsuit is frivolous and entirely without merit. After the Golden Globes social media moment, we negotiated a generous agreement with Ms. Cuthbert that she blatantly violated".

They also added that the company is confident they will win the legal battle. 

Source: TMZ

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