Rice is a staple food for most Canadians, it’s quick, easy, and has endless recipes so you can ensure it never gets boring. Yet, some rice lovers might want to check their latest purchases as Rice Select just recalled some of their rice as it may contain insects. That’s right, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled certain Rice Select products on January 17 when it was discovered that there may be a presence of insects within the product.

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This recall is only applicable to the 1 kg Organic White Rice from Rice Select. The code that will be present on your rice if it is part of the recall is “121R801” and the UPC number is 00074401901419.

The recall is applicable to products purchased in Ontario and Quebec, so if you have bought Select Rice in the past few weeks you may want to check to see if it was part of the batch which has been recalled due to the presence of bugs.

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However, the hazard of this recall is at class three, which means that although you may be surprised with a very gross and crunchy surprise, there is a low risk to your health if the food is ingested.

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This isn’t the only food that has been recalled last week. On January 18, Golden City Bakery recalled their Red Bean Mush and Red Bean Paste due to undeclared wheat within the product. Those with wheat allergies need to be aware of the health risk that this poses on them.

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On January 17, Salmon Village has also just recalled their Hot Smoked Salmon Nuggets due to possible Listeria contamination. If someone thinks that they have ingested this product, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is recommended to call your doctor.

For more information on recalls throughout Canada, be sure to visit the Health Canada Recalls and Safety alerts website.