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The Canadian Armed Forces' Equipment Shortage Has Lead To Soldiers Having To Return Supplies

Ideally you want your country's military to be fully equipped for any sort of situation that may arise, but it seems that the Canadian Armed Forces are facing a bit of a shortage in some areas. 

Recently the military issued an order asking members to return specific pieces of equipment. 

And they’re things that you would usually think you couldn’t really run out of.  

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The military is asking members to return rucksacks and sleeping bag kits so that they can be redistributed to where they are needed the most. 

The Canadian Forces General Order, was sent to all armed forces members on May 28. 

Not every single member will be made to give up their sleeping bag though, people working in the special forces won’t be forced to give up any of their supplies.  

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The military says that the shortfall has been caused by, “successful recruiting initiatives,” as well as the fact that, “[there] are numerous personnel in the CAF that have, over the years, moved into positions that no longer need this type of equipment or deploy as often.” 

Conservative MP, James Bezan, blamed the Liberal government for failing “to provide the forces with enough kit[s].”  

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“If the Liberals can’t get sleeping bags right, how are we [going to] expect them to deliver fighter jets and new ships for our navy,” he said. 

Dave Perry, a senior analyst with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, doesn't think that this should be seen as too big a deal though, saying that people in the military working desk jobs “probably not using that sleeping bag very often.” 

Source: CTV