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The Canadian Government Is Pushing To Make Tampons & Pads Free And Here's When

The conversation around making essential feminine hygiene products free has been a bounced around for a few years now.  However for the most part there's been little progress on that front. 

In 2015, a tax break was created for period products on the basis that it was unfair and discriminatory to tax these items. 

Now three years later the topic is back in the forefront as the NDP Party move to have feminine hygiene products given away for free. 

According to Tiffany Balducci, a party delegate from the Durham Labour Council, "Tampon and pads should be treated just like toilet paper. They serve a similar purpose — items that tend to our everyday, normal bodily functions."

The motion that the NDP has just submitted for consideration urged the party to immediately recommended some sort of subsidy or financial support to make both menstrual products and birth control available to Canadians at no cost.

This is one recommendation in a variety of other progressive motions brought up. The other recommendations include a national dental care system, Pharmacare and the decriminalization of all personal drugs.

While all of these are just still proposals, it's being said that there won't be much traction on these till after next year's general election.

Source: Huffington Post

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